I‘m 24 years old and I think I’ve had sex with a lot of different men. Let me explain. Growing up has never been easy for me. My mother worked 2 jobs to support us. It was 4 of us and she really struggled because my worthless father refused to help her out. The last time I asked him for money was when I was going to secondary school and I needed money to buy school shoes. MUB, the man literally threw a stone after me and told me not to come back to his place. I was in 2nd form when that happened.

The following school year I met a girl who tried to introduced me to sleeping with men for money. While I was waiting for the bus, she came and told me that I have a nice body and asked me if I’m interested in putting it to good use. She didn’t go into details, she took my number and explained everything to me over the phone. MUB, when she told me that I had to have sex with men twice my age I blocked her because I was still a virgin.

A few weeks after that I needed money to go on a field trip and I didn’t want to ask my mother for it because she was really struggling to pay the bills and I knew my father wouldn’t have given it to me. MUB, everyone went on the field trip except for me. The next day when they were talking about it I felt sad and ashamed. The same girl used that opportunity to make a move on me again. She said that she knew a man who was willing to pay $2000 to take my virginity. I ignored her but that night I really thought about doing it. Although I missed out on a lot of fun activities, I was able to graduate from school.

However, reality hit when my mother told me that she couldn’t afford to send me to college. MUB, I cried that night. For weeks I tried getting a job so I could send myself to college but I had no success. The deadline was creeping up on me so I felt like I had no other choice. I unblocked the girl and let her know that I am in desperately in need of money. MUB, she asked me if I was still a virgin and told me she will get back to me. In less than 15 minutes she called me back with two offers. She said that she had two guys who are willing to spend money right now if I’m serious. I let her know that I was serious and she suggested that I go with the guy that offered $1800 because the one that’s offering $2500 is known to be rough.

MUB, at that time all I was thinking about, was the money. So, I figured if I’m going to lose my virginity being a whore, I might as well do it for the $2500. She gave me a set of rules and the complete run down. This wasn’t the normal meet a guy, have sex and collect money kind of thing. This came across like a legit business. I had to give up my passport and sign a paper and get tested.

The day came and I was picked up and delivered to what I assumed to be a guest house. There the guy was waiting for me. MUB, this was the most terrifying experience in my life. Remember I was a virgin, so I knew nothing about sex. As soon as I entered the room, the man stripped me, put me to kneel on the ground and put his d##k in my mouth. He had me sucking it for a long time. I told him my jaw was hurting but he didn’t care. Eventually, he threw me on the bed and went down on me. Just when I thought I was enjoying it, without warning, he forced his c##k inside me. I started to scream and tried to get away but he held me down and had his way with me. MUB, it was really terrible. Writing about it now is crawling my skin.

Thankfully, he didn’t last long after he cum that was it. MUB, this man didn’t use any condom and he cum in me. I cleaned up myself after and he called the driver to come back for me. I was then given a morning-after pill and the $2500 dollars in cash. That night I cried my life out. I couldn’t walk normal for days. It was so bad that I couldn’t take any more offers for weeks.

The next offer I took was a threesome with the same friend and a married man. We got $1200 each that night. Since then, I have been taking advantage of it. MUB, these men pay good money to have secret sex. Most of them are married and old men. I was thought that the process was safe because we would do regular tests and I was told the men had to show that they were clean. I did my test a few weeks back and I found out that I have an STD. I don’t know who I caught it from but I am no longer given offers.

I’m currently looking for employment because I don’t know how long the money I have saved up will last.

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She Got Body
She Got Body
December 12, 2020 12:46 pm

This is so sad, always remember my dear, after your darkest hour there is light. Get help that you need xoxo