Dear MUB,

I had a very weird experience with this guy that I want to share. I’ve been single for over 4 years so I don’t know if this is normal for men or if there was something that I did that he didn’t like.

I met this guy on Facebook and after checking out his profile, I gave him my number and we started talking. We’ve been out for ice cream and gone to the movies a few times. Honestly, I wanted to have sex with him the first week we started talking because I missed the feeling of a dick deep down inside me so every time I was around him I was leaking but I didn’t want to seem easy so I said I’ll wait at least a

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Terrence Floyde
Terrence Floyde
May 15, 2024 4:53 pm

He is married that’s why

Nathan James
Nathan James
May 15, 2024 12:05 pm

Get a Tested mama