Dear MUB,

After long deliberation, I am writing to get some much needed feedback about a situation. A few months back I started dating someone I knew for a while because he checked out to be doable.

Initially, I was hesitant because he is younger than I. He’s 28. Despite his age he didn’t seem to be one I’d have to worry about. I’m just a few years older by the way. Up until now I wasn’t worried about him and the females. I was concerned for his other immature ways such as the need to always be at his friends aid soon as they snap their fingers.

Nevertheless, I was willing to see how it would work. I swear the dude was single. For the most part all is well but his friends come first. To add to that, he has this one female friend that makes me quite uncomfortable and I have expressed this to him. I never met her I just know she exist and she knows I exist. I don’t care to meet her either cause in my head it na mek no sense!

First time my curiosity was peeked is when I saw that they video call each other. I asked about her, he told his story and I let it go. Second time was when he claimed she passed by him to collect something and she didn’t even stay 5 mintues but when I asked the first time around he said one of his male friends just came.

I knew of this only because when I called, I heard her ask if its your woman. We had a small argument about it, he said he didn’t think it was that serious for him to say and it was nothing, gave a back story and I let it go.

Last night now whether he telling the truth or lie I just can’t buy the story no more. I was on the phone with him when he all of a sudden said so and so want pass by one of his friends to get something and he has to buy something as well and he will message me when he gets home. Now I didn’t know the female’s name, and because I didn’t expect it to be her I said ok cool and left it as that.

Two hours and minutes a when he message me to say he back. Usually I don’t ask questions but I did and he mentioned her and said she had to go shopping and it took longer than usual. This is the same woman he claim ha she man and he and she inna nothing. He sees nothing wrong with their “friendship” because they been friends for years.
To add to that I just feel like I’m the last thing on his list to get his attention. I’m extremely busy during the week so I don’t get to see him until weekend and when time comes is like I have to make an appointment.

Because I know what I know there is a part of me that says he is being honest and innocent in all this but from experience it’s screaming run! He grew up in a stable home, goes to church and has had very few entanglements.

I’m thinking we are just better off as friends, because all was well before we decided to get involved on this level.