Dear MUB,

Evil has taken over the family court system.

I started dating this GIRL in 2019, we both made it clear from the get go that we were not seeing anyone, so we decided to get into a relationship.

In March of 2020, she informed me that she might be pregnant, so I went and bought a pregnancy test and the result was positive.

Both of us were elated and we later found out it was a baby girl. A child I have always wanted.

However, I took her for her first doctor’s appointment in May and paid $300. Two weeks later, I started to experience some uncanny ways in her behavior.

At first, I thought the harmonies from the pregnancy were causing her to behave that way, but I did my best in every way possible to be supportive and making sure she and my unborn child was ok.

Suddenly, I was completely blocked out of her life. I was blocked from calling and texting her and I even went to her home countless times and she was nowhere to be found.

I also used my Facebook account to reach out to her, but she told me that she is going to destroy my life and there isn’t anything I could do to stop her.

She even told me not to look for her and when she wants anything, she will call me.

I even went to her dad’s home trying to find out why she was acting this way. However, he couldn’t have given me a definitive answer , so it left me confused and worried.

While she is doing all this, she would unblocked me from time to time asking me to get vitamins, food and money and not one time I have ever been reluctant to her demands.

I would even cook for her because she told me that the pregnancy isn’t allowing her to eat certain things.

Around 4 months into the pregnancy, I received a call from my employer stating that lawyer with the initials “WR” has called and said that I better buckle up because he is going to come at me very hard for getting this girl pregnant and wants nothing to do with her. I was in complete shock because I have given her everything she has asked for. She had me blocked for 80% of the pregnancy and every time she called and asked for things, I provided.

Not sure why lawyer with the initials ” WR” sent me that threat because they didn’t make me sign the birth certificate, but out of my good heart, I continued to be supportive.

I then called her from my friend’s phone and asked her why she set a lawyer on her. She tells me that I need leave her out of this because it was her friends who went and set a lawyer on me. Later that day, I went to take more money for her again and she let one of her cousins run me out of the yard.

She then started to laugh so I left in peace.
During that night, I received a call from her mother stating that if I go back there, something serious is going to happen to me. I even received a threat from her brother that left me confused because all I did was go there to drop off some money, but she told her mom and brother I came there cursing her out.

Her mother then found out she was lying on me and we were able to move past that situation. However, 1 month later she told her mom that I wasn’t doing anything for my unborn child, so her mother told me not to go back there.

As it gets closer to her giving birth, I took another $500 for her along with 34 pieces of baby clothes. I even asked her if I could be there to see my daughter born, but she told me that her ex wants to be there instead. I even reached out two (2) of the eight (8) people that were encouraging her, and they told me that the lawyer documents are coming to my home for not supporting her pregnancy.

Can you believe she and her friends tried to put me on child’s support with no birth certification signed!

At that time, I went to see a lawyer and she told me that I need to stop giving her money because something isn’t adding up and these people are taking advantage of me. At the time she was giving birth, she had me blocked from getting in touch with her. I then called the hospital to find out if she and baby was ok, but they told me she had the baby and was already been discharged from the hospital. I then called her from a different number and asked her if I could see the baby and she told me the baby was too little for me to see her.

I never saw the baby until a month after and the first thing she and her friends did was calculated how much money I should have brought. While I am going through all this, she had already made preparation to give the baby up to her mother in Dominica.

Before she set her mom on me , I even asked her for the child, but they insisted the mother has more rights than the father so they can do whatever they want. Her own mom even told me that she said that she hopes my daughter born dead during birth.

I fed my daughter for 7months and ended up spending roughly $6300. Whenever I drop off money, she calls the police on me saying that I am disturbing she and her man, so the police told me not to go back there. When I asked her why she keeps making up these lies, I could never receive an answer that made sense. When my daughter reached 12 months old , she took her to Dominica and returned back to Antigua.

As of today, the baby is still in Dominica for over a year, but she wants me to continue feeding my child, but I have no access to her. I even made someone reached out to her in trying to resolve the matter, but it went nowhere.

Nevertheless, In July of last year (2023) , I paid the lawyer half of what his company charged me.

Since that time, I have been trying to get a court date and all now I cannot.

When I first spoke to my lawyer, he told me that we could take her to court so I can get to be in my daughter’s life, but I would first have to do a paternity test. We applied to the family court in the first week of July of 2023 and up to this day; I cannot get a date for my hearings. When I asked my lawyer what’s the hold up, he told me that the administration is busy.

How can the administration be busy when three guys that I personally know were recently placed on child support by their baby mothers.

Honestly, I am not surprised with the family court and the evilness they have been doing to good fathers in this country.

In 2020, just around the same time, I lost my job at the beginning of Covid and was home for 8 months. However, even though I have my 10-year-old son 6 days weekly, his mother still took me to court for child’s maintenance.

During that time, I still had to pay his school fee, feed him and ensure clothes are on his back. Can you believe she worked throughout the pandemic and did this to me!

The judge ordered that I pay $150 to the court, so for the first 3 weeks, I did. However, since I have my son for 6 days weekly and wasn’t working, still had to rent and other major bills, I couldn’t keep up with payment so I stopped.

Two months before the second court date, I received a call from a police officer stating that they have a warrant for my arrest.
I asked myself this question, “If they take me to jail, what good will this do for my son? I have him 6 days weekly, he isnt in need of anything and he is well- taken care. It seems like oppression, egoism and manipulation to me.

However, I took $1700 at the courthouse in Grace Farm and someone stole the money. Up to this day, I am unable to get back that money and I am still paying child support for my son that I have 6 days weekly.

Not only I have been exploited for money, but I was also told that there isn’t anything I can do because the system is for women and I must enjoy my depression.

This coming February , I will be back in court for the 7th time for my son, but all now I can’t get a court date for the wickedness that was done to me?

I am not even sure why they have be back in court because they have contacted my employer and for the first 3 weeks, they have taken out $400 out of my paycheck. I even explained to the judge what these two ladies are doing to me and she sent me out of the court room.

I sat out the court room for 4 hours wondering if I am going to be locked up or what? Man, tyrant has surely taken over our land.

Imagine fighting for your daughter, paying child support for a child you have 6 days weekly and do anything for and this to happen to you!

It is gruesome and inhumane; therefore, I have to ask:
1. Why are they trying to destroy good fathers?
2. Why they move so swiftly to place fathers on child support, but we can’t get justice?
3. Is it true the more fathers they put on child’s support, someone somewhere is profoundly benefiting?
4. Why are child support payments calculated based on parental income instead of support cost?
5. Is the family court helping or destroying family units more? All I see is more depression, divisions and the unwillingness to compromise for the betterment of the child/children. How does this fortify the family structure?
6. If you really care, create a database to show us fathers how the funds are been spent? Someone like me is double spending because when I have my son, I still have to provide for him. Good fathers are always capable of putting their best foot forward to ensure our kids are been taken care of, so why do you think we need your assistance? Hence, the biggest disrespect to a good father is allowing the government to take care of our child /children.
7. If the mother is struggling, why not give the child to the father?

Lastly, they might as well change the name from the “Family Court”, to The Women’s Court so we could at least know where we stand. You cannot call an organization such as this a family court when the system is totally biased and unfair against men

Until you have been through the “system”, it’s impossible to understand how perfectly it has been designed to target and destroy men. Judges need to be held accountable and punished severely also for biased unfair decisions! It is broke to us, but successful to the creators.

I am urgently appealing out to the PM to do something fast because the family court is destroying great fathers in this country…. FOR GOD SAKE WE ARE HUMANS WITH FEELINGS TOO.

I just want to be in my daughter’s life , but I am completely blocked out by the mother.

Can the family court stop being this evil to us !!

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Molvin James
Molvin James
February 1, 2024 3:51 pm

Dude you need to block them out. Did you do a DNA test? Because I don’t think the girl is yours and even if she is ,run away and start over…