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Father Caught! Said He Went To Fix A Light

Dear MUB, I love my mother but I don't think I can tell her what I saw yesterday. I can't believe my f##king father would...

Mother Ready For Freaky Teacher Like A Loaded Gun

Dear MUB, A few months ago, my child came complaining to me about this particular female teacher who was obviously picking on her. I tried having...

29-Year-Old Male Involved With A Minor

Dear MUB, Out of all the men are dog post, I think my brother takes the f-ing cake. This piece of shit is going around...

My Bestfriend Wants To Give My Brother A Jacket

Dear MUB, I just had a serious falling out with a girl I thought was my best friend. We've been friends for over 17 years...

19-Year-Old Thinks She Has An STD

Dear MUB, I'm 19 years old and I think that I got an STD.  I'm afraid to go and find out but I'm still sleeping...

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