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Ex Gf Uses Pregnancy As An Excuse To Get Back

Dear MUB, I made my horniness get the best out of me and out of desperation I ended up have sex with my ex and...

Side Chick Said, “Come For Your Man”

Dear MUB, Me na min want fu do um but he min dey a fucking overdo. MUB, if he min listen and go to the...

Paranoid Man Failed To Satisfy Her “Rock” Desire

Dear MUB, Before I tell my story, let me make it clear that I'm single but I'm currently dealing with 2 men and yes, they...

Canadian Relationship Ends Over Jamaican Man

Dear MUB, I live in Canada and a few weeks ago, my boyfriend found out that I cheated on him with this Jamaican guy. He went...

My Sugar Daddy (Part 1- Caught)

I usually would go walking in the afternoons and this particular guy would always say hi to me when I see him from time...

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