Dear MUB,

Earlier this week I went by my supposed father to spend a little time with my siblings because I haven’t been there in a while. Before I went, I asked him if it was ok, and he said “you’re welcome here anytime.”

MUB, you know out of nowhere the man started up on me. I didn’t say anything because he is extremely tall and bigger than me. I got to leave through the back door without my shoes and my belongings trying to get away from him. I thought calling the police would have helped me, but the police that answered me tried, but I guess he wasn’t in the authority to do anything so he transferred me to a Corporal.

I cannot remember names, but he asked so much of questions just to tell me my father isn’t beating me up and he just doesn’t want me to leave because he thinks I don’t have a ride. The whole time I’m on the road barefoot hoping that the police would have helped.

My boyfriend came back for me and carried me home. I’m literally still in shock because I did not do anything to this man. Since I was younger he hated me for some reason that I don’t know even to this day.

Whenever I would visit him, I try my best to clean, keep myself clean, and the house, etc. I literally do everything in that house since I was the age of 12 and I have been trying to figure out why he hates me so much when I didn’t do anything but try to be a good daughter. He loves the other siblings and his supposed woman friend, and I’m just the housemaid like in those African movies.

And as far as him hitting me, he beats all the women he had been with right in front of me and my siblings then sends me to buy him rum and cigarettes at the tender age of 11-12. I couldn’t do anything because apparently I’m supposed to listen to everything that I’m told. He drinks in front of his kids and smokes and beats women.

I just so happen to have gotten my beating today. Merry Christmas to me.

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