Dear MUB,

You made a post the other day and  I was reading some of the comments and this particular one upset me. I’m a very understanding man but you see this comment ya. Two days later and it still a bother me.

Me a try understand wa really a gwan ya. Because me na wa accept the BS my woman cook me a one likke boy?

MUB, let me tell you something right, is about time people stop with the shitty thinking. Women love to say that men must not get King treatment until the ring pan finger. MUB, wa kind of backward thinking is that?

Them woman na realize a work them haffu work fu the ring. A basically 3 main responsibility women have and a cook, take the D and tap stress man about petty shit . Once a woman has them 3 down pack, a man will tap home and be happy.

Me min fall out with ma gyal the other day because me some home to some lame-ass cooking and she wa tell me she na in the mood fu cook. So you mean to tell me that me go work to provide for us, you’re home all day and you want a big, hardworking man like me to come home and eat macaroni, bake beans and pear! When I ensure that house always full of groceries.

MUB, if I wasn’t grateful for all the other meals she cook me, I would have put her out that day but there was no way I was going to accept that. She had to throw it away and make me a full meal.

Men don’t accept shit. You deserve to be treated like a king once you are doing your part as a man regardless of whether there is a ring on her finger or not.

That a all me haffu say. I feel better now it off ma chest.


  1. Whenever my lady not in the mood to cook that’s established early so we both on the same page and I therefore would not get disappointed….it’s all about communication that’s all…don’t be to hard on her if she’s always been throwing it down good in the kitchen for u and even though she’s been home all day sometimes they do need a break from certain routines so before u blow steam just communicate..that’s all it is sometimes