Dear MUB,

My friend haffu be one fucking clown. This man spend his money and buy a ticket for this gyal. She came with us, and he she give him one dance and take off. I right side him writing to you and she over there all up under another man, and he just a tan up ya and watch she.

You wa fu see he face. The man like he want fu cry. Little while he a tell me he ready to leave. I’m the driver so he go tap ya and be one clown until I ready to go leave. I told him to go over and bring the gyal back by him, and he a say he na wa cause no scene. Well if he wa be one rasshole and waste money a fu he problem that.

She suppose to leave with us but me can bet you she go left with the same man she up under. Ma na go lie he chupit nf.

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November 1, 2022 8:56 am

Wow see why some woman get hurt that disrespectful