Dear MUB,

I visited a Hardware store today to purchase some materials. It is always pleasant going there, especially the cashiers’, wonderful ladies. I remember going there a while back and seeing this young girl dragging herself into the store looking very untidy.

Imagine going into the store today and seeing the same untidy girl nothing changed with her demeanor. MUB I was filled with disgust. Her uniform seam buss up, and she had on some white flip flops that were very dutty and leaning on one side cause she walked so bad.

MUB she foot and them black and dutty like she works in one coal kiln. I had to ask a staff member a who she cause no sa that won’t do. They said she worked there. I asked doing what, and they said she was the secretary. Look I couldn’t catch myself. I told them she na value herself cause my wife couldn’t leave my house looking like that, leave that for me to do. Me want fu no if she man can’t see.

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March 7, 2024 8:55 pm

That description boy 😂😂