Dear MUB,

I really wanted to give this man a piece of my mind because he thinks he can pop up after 6 years of being absent in my son’s life, and make demands.

Let me give you a little back story so you can understand the full scope of the situation. In 2015, I got pregnant for a man I’ve been seeing for less than 6 months. During my pregnancy, I found out that

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  1. HE is wrong for not being there at first but now he is there and he is telling you something that he doesn’t like why not be a fucking adult and talk to your son about calling the next man daddy when his farther is around and not try to go back at square one without he being in the child’s life

    • He done missed six years of the most important years because he wanted to not cause he was dead r in jail… what u won’t do another man will do for ur children r your woman who u neglect…Ms pls dnt go tangle up ur child head just explain to him that the stranger is his biological father n the boyfriend is ur father in law…. n by d looks real daddy going disappear soon… for.

    • Coming from a home where i was raised by Step-Fathers cause my real dad left when i was four, I can say this….He set a bad example from the get go and Can’t be upset if his son has a Step Daddy that he has bonded with. The time he go waste arguing and abandoning his son again because the innocent boy doesn’t know him as daddy is his fault. Accept it and make the effort to create that bond with your child.