Dear MUB,

Weeks now me woman nuh cook or sometimes she cooks when she feels like. Two weeks ago she cook one heavy Sunday dinner but me nuh think nothing bout it, then about 7 o’clock me see one vehicle come dey to she and she carry food but me nuh a who a drive.

We aren’t on talking terms so we don’t sleep together. Every day me realize the vehicle a come too often but me still can’t tell if a one man or woman. MUB, it happened again last night and me mek sure fu go outside fu mark the vehicle nuh understand the gyal go to the man inna one shorts with she pork a buff out nf and one sports bra awdfyt

She nuh usually wake up early but by 5:45 she up this morning a act fishy so me gwan like say me a go work and come back home, the gyal gwan like say she siblings hungry so she mek me carry subbing ge them but when me reach back place quite go outside fu come back music on in she room nobody cya tell me one man nuh in dey.

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August 3, 2022 12:26 pm