Dear MUB,

I want to use your platform to publicly apologize to the teacher who was concerned about my children and came to find out why they weren’t completing the assignment. I was extremely rude to her and regardless of how I was feeling at the time, as a big woman, I shouldn’t have reacted like that especially in front of my children.

MUB, I am frustrated. I’m not working and I am living off of the little money that their father is sending for them. I am one who voted for the current government and I will be the first to admit that I have lost all faith in them. They don’t give a fuck about us poor!

I don’t want any fucking handout or help because they going to give me one time just to say they did something and when it finishes, is back to suffering. What I want is to be able to work and provide for my children. I’m not the smartest person in the world but let me ask you something MUB, which one is worse? Catching Covid and recovering or restricting the entre fucking country where most people work from paycheck to paycheck. I read the article about the mother that started selling her body and It seems like that is what they want people to do.

People are home starving and getting miserable every day and in my opinion, that is fucking worse than Covid. How the fuck they preaching Covid is dangerous and they have tourists coming into the country and doing whatever the fuck they feel like!!!!!

Is because they closing down the fucking place with all them restrictions why people can’t work and suffering. Is Covid only alive at a certain fucking time? What the fuck MUB! They don’t see is poor people feeling it.

Is all those things were on my mind why I had to curse off the poor teacher who was only concerned about my children. I had to ask her who the fuck you expect me to be thinking about school when I don’t even know how long I can feed them for. Children can’t function when they hungry.

MUB, I just want the teacher to know that I was wrong for being rude and I am extremely sorry. I would really appreciate it if she can return tomorrow so I can apologize to her in front of my children.

MUB, I also want this Government to know that me ever sorry that me convince people to vote for them. It is clear now where their priority lies and I am ready for any movement to get them out.

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