Dear MUB,

I am writing this story so that the public can know what is happening at the Ģeneral Post Office here in Antigua.

For years we have suffered deplorable working conditions and especially when it rains.

Due to the heavy downpour we had a few weeks ago, the entire ground floor was flooded. Water was coming through electrical sockets and all that.

Now that the rain has subsided, the floor is lifting up and there is a stench that is unbearable and it has become very difficult for stafff to bear. Taking into consideration that we are already wearing mask.

However the union got involved, they spoke with management and staff was advised to sign the register on a daily basis then leave until further meeting with PS, Management and the Minister.

A meeting was scheduled Thursday 3rd of Dec at the Ministry of finance in the conference room at 10am.

Today we were informed that the Prime Minister has declared a state of emergency on the Post Office and has deployed the army to do the day to the running there.

Is this what we get for speaking out. Does our PM have no sympathy on what has been going on there for all these years? We need help!

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