Last night, I had to get out with my boyfriend (4 months & counting) because I realized that he seems to only care about himself. For the past couple of months, I have been trying my best to please him but it is an extremely difficult task and he needs to understand that is not any and any woman would do go to such lengths to satisfy a man and I know that for a fact.

In the beginning, he did explain to me that he has a sexual problem but it took me over a month before I believed him. When we started having sex, no matter what I did, how hard I tried, or which body part I used, I just couldn’t make him cum. I was exhausted and started to feel like I couldn’t satisfy him. MUB, I don’t know what kind of syndrome or curse he has but that shit is not normal. The first time I got him to cum was by holding a knife to his throat and not soft, he made me press hard as though I wanted to kill him.

MUB, the only how he can cum is if his life is at risk. Literally at risk! The second time we tried using the knife I cut him. It wasn’t deep but I was scared and he didn’t seem to mind but I became very uncomfortable so we tried different things such as drowning, hangman, and his favorite suffocation. MUB, at first, it was amusing but a few times he almost had a near-death experience and if he didn’t recover, I would be seen as a murderer so I begged him to ease off and we haven’t had risk sex in a while.

Anyways, last night, he called me a  saying that it’s been a while since I made him cum so he wants to go to the beach. I reminded him about the strong winds and tried to explain to him that it’s too dangerous. MUB, you know he got upset. He said he believes the strong winds will give him the best cum in his life. I was not about to go to the beach and possibly drown so I let him know straight up the answer is no. He said I’m unfair, I only care about myself and opportunities like these don’t come every day then he hanged up his phone.

MUB, I called him this morning to find out if he wanted me to bring breakfast for him and he said he doesn’t want anything from my selfish ass. I can’t believe he’s still upset about that. MUB, you think that’s fair? It’s not my fault that he has a problem with normal sex. He is wrong for being upset with me for that. Suppose we went to the beach last night and one of us drowned? He has no right to be upset with me for that!

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