Good day MUB. Would you believe this woman embarrassed me and till left me after I caught her in a lie and asked her to speak the truth?

MUB, this a na the first time me a ketch she a lie. She do um so much that trust I have for her was really going down the drain.

She was chatting to this guy and I found  out that he offered her a job but when I asked her if she got the job, she said no she did not.

Luckily for me, I know the guy so I asked him and he told me yes he gave her the job.

MUB, all I said to the woman while we were both in a store in St. Johns was there was no reason for her to lie. Is just a job. Wa mek she need fu lie?

MUB, right in the store the woman shout out “Go suck out ya mumma.” MUB, me feel so bad that me just walk off . Shame like one dog.