Dear MUB,

I’ve read a few posts about how men treat women and tbh I think it’s common in Antigua. Some of them man ya wutless. Women need fu use them like toilet paper  and flush them down the toilet.

Imagine I bake and so for this man and even change up the cooking every three days to ensure that he is well-fed and this nigga can’t even say oh let me take you out, oh let me do something nice for you. Nothing! Not even little dog shit me get for treating him like a king.

Is like as soon as things get good they become complacent and lazy. Now, I tell him I’m not in the mood to cook and we should go out.

MUB, is the most I ever heard “oh how work was long, I’m tired” etc, but I bet if I said I want sex is the quickest his tone would stand up and he would find the energy to work out ma belly.

I told him it’s not fair with how he deals with the situation and the boss man bright fu say he doesn’t like going out but let one of his friends call and see if he na fly up fu get ready.

I had enough of his bs so I broke up with him. If he wants a cooked meal he can go check his pardna and them since their happiness is more important.

Y’all men want a happy and spiced-up relationship where the women must mek you feel like kings but instead of showing appreciation y’all act like kids!


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June 2, 2021 3:16 pm

Good for you girl yes some man don’t care