Dear MUB,

I read the story about the woman that said the man she dating washed all her clothes, but refused to wash her panty, and it got me laughing. All I can say is all men are different.

I’m currently dating this man and sometimes I have to wonder if he’s mad or something is wrong with him. This man will actually take my panty off and would keep smelling it. I can remember a day when he tried to take off my panty more than once, saying that he wanted to take it home with him so he can sleep with it over his face, but I refused to give it to him.

There is no way in this world I will give somebody my panty, much less a dirty one for them to take it home and sleep with it over them face. I don’t see why a man see nothing wrong with taking off a woman panty but has an issue to wash it.

The same way he can take it off, is the same way he should be able to wash it. But to take a woman used (dirty) panty, to carry home and sleep with it over your face, it just pure madness to me!

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May 10, 2023 7:24 pm

But it is not he washing it’s the machine stupid