My boyfriend for 7yrs and I have been having some issues for months now. I’m just not feeling him anymore. I’m feeling so bored in the relationship that it’s driving me crazy. I think I do love and care for him but I’m not in love with him. I really was trying for it to work because I know he does love me but I need to stop lying to myself.
It got so bad that I needed to take a trip out of the county to clear my head. I bought a ticket and went to visit some family and friends. They wanted me to stay with them but I choose to stay in a guest house because I did not want to be bothered.

I was talking to a guy for a few yrs now, who lives in that same state but it was nothing serious. We just used to message each other from time to time. I messaged him telling him I’m here but he didn’t believe because I didn’t tell him I was coming up. I sent him a photo with me at a mall and he was filled with joy. We meet up that same day. We went red lobster for lunch, he made me laugh a lot which was something I haven’t done in a while, he then offered to take me home where I was staying and I accepted.
He opened the door, allowing me to go in before closing it. Yes, I was very impressed. He said he had a wonderful time and we should do it again. I said good night, locked the door, he waited until I went inside then he drove off. A few seconds later, I received a message from him saying he wanted to kiss me good night but he wasn’t sure how I would have reacted. I was like OK. In my mind, a kiss would have been nice. The next day, I received a good morning text wishing me a productive day. I was like awww so sweet follow up with a request on Snapchat. Bear in mind, I don’t really know much about Snapchat. Ok, request accepted. I realized he sent a photo, ok cool, I clicked on it to my surprise it was a dick pic!

At this point, I was more than mad I was furious. Why would he send me this! He really had the audacity to send me a dick pic after that lovely lunch we had? By the time I went back on Snapchat, the pic was gone. I should have saved it for evidence. I sent him a WhatsApp message telling him he’s disrespectful and never to message me again. He apologized saying it would never happen again and he’s so sorry.
We didn’t talk for the entire day. I was laying in bed the night and I couldn’t sleep. I found myself thinking about him and the dick pic he sent. I instantly sent him a message without even thinking “send back the pic you sent me today.” he replied, “NO!” Five minutes later, he messaged ” we could meet for dinner tomorrow and I can show u in person.” I immediately went to bed.

The next day, he picked me up. At first, it was a bit awkward then he asked if I wanted to dine or pick-up. I said pick -up the food and back to my place. We opened a bottle of wine and we eat while watching a movie. After a few glasses of wine, we got very relaxed and comfortable in our skin. He slowly started to undress me. I was very horny. He then kissed my neck straight down to my toes. My body melted like a freezer that was left open to defrost. We kissed, sucked, licked each other for about an hour or more. His dick was big and hard. He put on a condom then teased me before he inserted it in. I was so anxious to sit on it. I haven’t sat on another dick in 7yrs (My man is in his 60s and I’m in my 30s)

While I was on his dick, I realized I wasted all those years with someone I’m not in love with so I started crying because I regret we didn’t meet up before. Also, his dick was reaching mind-blowing places. I didn’t know sex could get me feeling like this. It was too perfect. The way he turned me around and insert it from behind, grab my neck, slap my ass, and whisper in my ear. His kisses were so meaningful as I desperately cried for more. We climaxed together, laid for a bit them took a shower together. It was a night to remember.
I fell asleep and when I woke up, he was gone. I checked my phone and saw a message from him saying ” I let myself out, I didn’t want to wake you. Sweetheart see you tomorrow kisses,” awwwww. After that, we called, texted, and video chat every day. I had two more days before my trip was over so we plan to meet again. I offered to pay for dinner this time and he allowed me. After we went back to my place and did the dirty for the last time and it was better than the first.

My trip came to an end. I went back home and things got worst with my boyfriend. At this time, I didn’t want any sex at all from him. I was just wasn’t having it. I started communicating with the other guy every day, started following him and Instagram and everything. I went through his photos and realized that he’s married so I asked him and he said yes. MUB, he has been married for a few years now. At this time, feelings are involved so I said let’s call it off. Whatever that we had going on before someone got hurt.

He refused to accept that’s it’s over. He booked a flight one time to Antigua to visit me. He wants to still have me and his wife. Hellppppp!!! MUB I really like this guy but really don’t know how to be a side chick. I’m in my feelings.

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