Dear MUB,

I read the story for the last two days and feel the pain the young lady is going through. I just want to provide some encouragement to her. I am a single father for a soon to be 8 year old son. Sis, this might be a blessing in disguise. The woman had the child for me was the one who decided to keep the child because, I never wanted any children in my life and I demanded she get rid of the child. She decided to keep the child and after months of staying away during her pregnancy, I had no choice but to take care of my responsibilities after she got to 5 months in the pregnancy and never left her side even though we were not in a relationship.

After she had the child, I have no clue what happened but she became very aggressive and withdrawn. So, I kept the child every weekend from he was 3 weeks old. To my surprise, when the child was 3 months old, she brought all the child clothes one Sunday afternoon and told me she’s not ready to be a mother.

While we were in a relationship, we partied every single weekend and really enjoyed our youth. That was one of the reason why I told her I didn’t want her to keep the child and we found out she was pregnant after we broke up. However, she decided to listen to her family and keep the child.

I have been raising my son since he was 3 months old to this day. To be honest, looking back, it was by far the best decision ever. My son listens, is a top student and has many talents playing sports and music.

It was hard at first to give up all my time for my son especially it wasn’t my choice. Friend the reality is, the young lady really doesn’t want much from life to date: she still live home, still party every weekend and not even a car to drive. On the contrast, I have my own house, car and in the advanced stages of completing a master’s degree with a full time job.

There will be though days but think about your child sis. You can’t change someone from being worthless sis. Learned that lesson and that’s the main reason why I left her. Sis I was depressed to find out she was pregnant for me but, raising my son alone, he has my personality as I am the only person he usually around. So I get to raise him the best way I see fit. Get you a strong family support, friends that genuinely care and you will be just fine sis.

I am willing to help you in whatever way you need as mothers can’t be a father to a child as much as I always admired mothers doing their thing. I will send my number to MUB but you should know from now, I am not interested in having a relationship, I only want to be there for as much children without a father as much as I can.

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