Dear MUB,

Awtfyt, a na now be a call 911 and na get nobody. Me wa fu know if the phone na work or something. One a me neighbor a go kill each other today over a tree.

Me look out cuz me hear then a argue nf.  He wrang camuz the old man tell he cut the fucking tree branches that a hang over pan he house since Monday and he na do um.

So the old man out dey a cut them and he a throw them over in he yard. He come out and start throw them back and a cuss. Who tell he do that? Me see the old man tek up one stone a wheel in after he right. Little more and it wudda buss he head.

He go over in the man yard and start fight with the old man. Me sorry for he rasshole when the man son find out because me know he go fuck he up fu knock he father.

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October 23, 2023 5:11 pm

Peace be still trouble hard to get out of