Dear MUB,

I’m here about the husband’s request sent in a few days ago. I sat and read all 200+ comments and it is shocking. It explains why we are having so much relationship “drama” which leads to a society of broken adults. As these stories are sent in, we laugh and criticize these people and fail to realize that it is a real problem manifesting itself amongst us.

BOTH MEN AND WOMEN are failing themselves relationship-wise because they fail to have what most call “standards”. It is more about a quick fix, the sex, comfort, the “what I can get from this” etc, and not love and nurturing a fruitful, fulfilling life for both. For me at an end of any relationship you should not be feeling broken, drained, damaged, depressed, etc. Yes, you are going to feel hurt and emotional but you should also be able to feel a sense of personal growth/ development in more ways than one. We are only able to measure things we can see and touch and those are the things that carry the least weight.

We should understand that we are not for everyone and everyone is not for us. We cross paths with different people for different reasons. Relationships should allow us to mature holistically and prepare us for what and who is yet to come into our lives. Our past and current relationships are grooming us for that one soulmate that was meant for us. So why not make the best of it?

Now, for those who read the request. Tell me what in there is “asking too much”?
Let me tell you what was being unreasonable in that request. The height requirement, physical appearance (handsome), yes I agree. Good dick size and must be able to eat, let’s say a bit ridiculous too. Bearing in mind there are some really small penises out there just like there are some dry oceans.

Faithful, well-mannered, family-oriented, respectful, honest, trustworthy, etc. How are those asking too much? Those should be qualities we all possess. If someone lacks these them we should not be getting into relationships or worse yet marrying them. Don’t get me wrong. We are only human and things happen. We may tell a little white lie here and there but I think we should be sensible enough to see beyond the surface of these requests. WHY DO WE ONLY SEE THINGS AS BLACK AND WHITE?

Other attributes requested were a minimum education level of a high school certificate. MUB, do you know how hard it is to have a meaningful conversation with someone who can’t write a proper sentence and speak properly? Yes, we have people who didn’t get very far, but they out there pushing and getting themselves together and we can respect and accept that. Is it too much to ask for someone who can mentally stimulate you and vice versa?

Must want children, willing to settle down isn’t that what most of us want? How can you say that someone that’s looking to settle down is asking too much? So that person should run around from partner to partner for the rest of their life? What example are we setting for our children? When last have you stopped and taken a look at the world and what is happening. Don’t we all deserve to be happy?
Give me a dam break! Every time someone sends in a post like that they are been dragged for “asking too much.”

Maybe if we all set some standards for each other, both men and woman we will all realize that if we so desire intimacy we need to be humans. Being a better human is not even about doing it for someone else but doing it for your own selves. Some of you really need to grow up. Look in the mirror and ask yourself some serious questions.

Look at poor TC. They are a perfect example. Prayers for you love.

Let’s do better.

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July 16, 2021 10:13 pm

Well said 100%