Dear MUB,

When I tell my co-workers that my neighbor is a set of wild animals that belongs in the jungle they used to laugh until I tell them the stories.

MUB, my neighbor is downright nasty and inconsiderate. The first thing they used to do that annoyed me was that when the father and the son are outside they’ll pee by the fence that separates us. I kept telling them they couldn’t do that because the renking smell was killing me, and my little garden but they would do it anyway. Additionally, it would be the loud music, or their trash would “magically” appear over the fence on my property.

Recently, the worst thing they did was spray paint their vehicle having the paint fumes killing me. But hear a joke, I’ve come to realize that they don’t have any internet cause yesterday the parents came by me asking for the WiFi so that their children could do their homework. Mub, my internet is trash with just me alone on it, so you can imagine if all of them got a hold of my password?

I told them that I couldn’t give it out cause my WiFi is trash, but the children can take turns coming over by me to their work on my laptop. Mub, a the stinkest chupz I’ve ever heard came from the mother’s mouth, and the father simply walked away. Frankly, I wasn’t bothered because it’s my internet, and the last time I checked, they haven’t been the most hospitable neighbors.

Now this morning, they sent all three children by me. I told them that I had to go to work so I couldn’t accommodate them now and sent them back. MUB, you know when I get in from work, the mother had a few choice words for me?

Did she really expect me to let them stay in my house unattended? Especially after all that they have done? MUB, I pretended that I didn’t hear her and kindly went into my house.
Now just a little while ago I heard a breaking noise and I noticed that my bedroom window was broken. I went over to them and the parents were telling me that the children were playing with a ball, I told them that they had to pay to get it fixed and the father was arguing with me telling me that he ain’t have the money so I’ll have to wait a few months.

MUB, I couldn’t contain myself because I’ve been rather calm for too long with these people. I gave all of them a piece of my mind and told them that if it isn’t fixed by Tuesday I’ll carry the matter to the police.

MUB, is the fastest I saw the man go inside and gave me $300. These people are the worse! And for no apparent reason. It’s like as soon as they cannot get their way with you, you become their enemy.

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