Dear MUB,

You see how innocent men does end up in jail for these little fucking money-hungry girls that play they love big men.

Parents need to control their little fucking daughters. They have them loose around the place like some wild dogs and when big men end up fucking them is a different story.

MUB, if it wasn’t for my friend that passed and saw her in my car, I would have taken her home and fucked an underage girl. I’ve been talking to her for 2 weeks and I had just picked her up from town. We were heading by me because she told me she wanted to “Netflix and Chill”

He told me that she is famous for hooking up with big men. It was so serious that he turned around and flagged me down. MUB, he cursed her right in front of me and told me to make her come out of my car. He explained to me that she would fuck big men and then she would blackmail them for money. He said she did it to him.

If he didnt tell me i wouldn’t have known because she looked like she is in her 20s. He body is well developed and she holds a conversation like a big woman. I could tell from her reaction that he was telling the truth so I cursed her off and dropped her off by the bus station. MUB, to be honest, I was going to take by me and fuck her until she couldn’t walk just to teacher her a lesson but I said let me do the right thing. I sent a picture of her to all my male friends and told them to watch out for her.

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