Dear MUB,

This isn’t so much of a story …Anyways, I read the story written by a media house in regards to the lady that made noise and carried on at the court for her child support money.

Now, I’m not defending her misconduct but rather shedding some light on the struggle that women go thru just to get money from the court that’s paid in cash the majority of the time for child maintenance which is paid directly to the court.

It’s bad enough we females have to take a man to court to have him support his child but even worse when you have to go thru the bad attitude clerks, and the bitchy security guards just to collect backed-up payments.

It’s hard being a single mother, especially in these times. Some of you men really need to get your shit together and stop putting your child/children on the back burner when it comes to looking after them. Sometimes as a mother, we stay hungry so our child/children can eat and when we go to collect the money, we are told nothing is there. No one notifies you when payments are made.

Our system when it comes to child welfare and maintenance is crappy. Very, very crappy in this country and something need to be done about it. If women knew it was going to be this rough just to get a Lil money to help feed their child/children, I’m sure some wouldn’t even bother to take these deadbeat fathers to court.

Now, I know why some women out there prefer to do it solely on their own rather than to waste time to come here to deal with people that act like if you are begging them to give the money that your child’s father paid. It’s ridiculous and I think I speak for most mothers when I say something needs to change.

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Travis Joseph
Travis Joseph
February 17, 2021 4:27 pm

Some aru need fu tap talk biut man nuh want feed pickney when aru run with man name to the court because man move on with them life talk wah God lub…