Dear MUB,

I’m writing to you from St Martin because I suspected a change in my husband’s behavior and all the evidence points to him cheating on me. We have been married for 5 years and I have never had any reason to suspect him until now.

He started hanging out with a guy he works with. The guy is 9 years younger than him. My husband is 42 so when he started dressing like these young people I wanted to know what got into him so I observed him and that was when I realized it had to do with the young man he was hanging out with.

MUB, as a concerned wife I went and did some digging because I wanted to know who is this man my Husband is hanging out with. There were rumors of him being into me and another rumor of him having multiple women so I didn’t know what to believe.

Last week when I was doing laundry, I found a condom in my husband’s pocket. It was actually a piece of the condom wrap. My heart fell but at the same time, I was a bit relieved because I was concerned about what people said about the young man he was hanging out with, and if he was cheating I would prefer for it to be with a woman.

I didn’t confront him about the condom because I didn’t want to put him on alert. I made my plan to follow him a day and see what he was really up to. Today, he told me he was going to the bar with the same young guy. I told him ok. He said he was going for 6 pm so I left 15 minutes before him. I told him I was going by my mother so let me know when he was going back home.

My friend was down the road in a car she borrowed from one of her guy friends. MUB, we followed him. When made a stop which we assumed was the guy. He went in but he was taking rather long to come out so my friend told me to let go in. I was too afraid to go so she went. She came back and told me that my husband and the man is fucking inside. She said that she couldn’t see them but she could hear them.

She forced me to come. She made me say in the corner and knocked on the door. The guy came out shirtless with his boxers. When he opened the door, she pushed past him and went looking for my husband. I stayed outside but I heard her cursing him. She pushed him out of the room and I saw him shirtless.

He was shocked to see me. I turned and went back to the car. MUB, I don’t know how long my husband has been sleeping with this man but I never expected it. He hasn’t come home since yesterday and I can’t stop crying.


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