Dear MUB,

For your followers’ information, I got my own things so I don’t need my husband’s money. My husband knows he can give me 5 dollars and in a month I can turn it into $5,000.

I am not saying my husband is a bad person. He just lies too much and I am just sick of the lies. MUB, let me tell you straight up. The thing is, he cheated on me a few years ago and he cried and begged for my forgiveness.

Honestly, I told him I forgave him but every time I think about it, I get so angry that every time I see him I feel sick to my stomach. I talked to him last night after I wrote to you and we decided to try counseling. He told me he is willing to do anything to make it work but I have to meet him halfway.

I told him I would try my best too starting tonight. We will be going out to dinner just to spend some time alone MUB, thanks for listening.

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