Dear MUB,

Make this make sense. I have been loyal to my woman for 6 years. I never stepped out, and I never had a sexual conversation with another woman since we got serious about our relationship.

A few days ago, my woman was reserved and quiet for the whole day. I know that usually means she is vex with me. When I asked her what happened, she said nothing so I said lemme just wait and she will tell me if it’s something important.

Yesterday, she asked me if I ever send her nudes out to anybody. I told her I didn’t and she showed me a video on pornhub of all her nudes and her playing with her pussy. You know it’s her because her face was in some of them.

After showing me the video, she said she couldn’t trust me anymore and she wanted to end the relationship. I couldn’t even say anything because I was absolutely furious. More than half of the pictures and videos that were on pornhub, I’ve never seen before.
When I finally caught myself, she was already going out the door, but I called her back in and she asked if I was ready to confess.

I asked her how could I confess when she never sent me the videos. I know I have never seen them because the background in the pictures is nothing like my house or her mother’s house. Her face changed up fast. She said she definitely couldn’t trust me if I was going to accuse her of cheating and she ran out the door.

MUB, all her things are packed up and put next to the door for when she comes to the house. I cannot believe I wasted all these years on this woman.

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November 24, 2023 12:08 pm

If she have nudes on porn hub, she belongs to the streets.