Late Night Surprise

I have a story to share with u…idk if it’s weird but here goes…..It was a Thursday evening when my husband told me he had a surprise for me. He told me to get some rest and he would wake me up at midnight.

I was skeptical bcuz I didn’t know what was going to happen. I went to sleep and didnt wake until 12:30 and to my surprise, he wasn’t beside me. When I went to the restroom, I found him taking a shower. He then went outside into the vehicle and brought in 2 wine glasses n a bottle of wine.

We had a glass, relaxed for a bit n talked. Afterward, he took the glasses n the wine back to the van but he never came back inside. I heard the van start but I was still inside watching a movie. I then received a msg telling me to put on a lil short dress, no panty n meet him in the van. I did what he asked and made my way to the van.

When I pulled open the door to my surprise, it was my husband sitting there with one of his close friends. I was shocked! It was at that point that I realized what the surprise was.

I entered n sat between the two of them and we started watching a movie called kinky. I was then asked to pour some wine for us from the cooler that was at the back of the van. I had to lean over the seat to get to the cooler so all my big round ass was outside n my pu##y was showing as well. I felt my husband grab my ass cheek and asked me y I was exposing myself. I hurried to do what I was doing n sat back down. We continued to drink and laugh while watching the movie. Once again the glasses were empty again so I had to refill.

This time was different. When I leaned over to pour drinks I felt my ass cheeks spread open and I felt a finger enter my pu##y. I couldn’t concentrate to pour the drinks because it felt so good. I hear my husband tell his friend come look at all this fat ass n pu##y. I suddenly felt another hand spread my ass cheeks apart n started playing with my clit. I got so turned on n wet. I started mourning as I was being pleasured. It felt so good, I didn’t know what to do so I just stayed there and allowed them to do what they wanted to me. A finger eventually made its way in my ass n I was even spanked until my ass hurt. After that ordeal, I was finally able to pour the drinks and sat down to continue watching the movie.

After that round was finished I then refilled n sat down. I felt as though it was my turn to give some pleasure so I put my glass down n reached for both dicks with my hands. Little did they know I had a plan of my own. I had my little lipstick vibrator in between my breast so there would be a surprise show for both of them.

After the movie was finished n our glasses were empty. I figured this was my turn to play. I spread my legs wide apart. One on my husband n the other on his friend I pulled out my vibrator and turned it on and said watch me work now.

I placed that little bad boy on my clit then sparks started flying. My head was thrown back my legs were lock around both of their feet and I started to tremble uncontrollably while I played with my pu##y with the vibrator. I mourned as my juices started flowing like crazy. All I could hear was faint talking but I couldn’t really make out to much of what was being said because I was so turned on by my little bad boy.

The feeling was so intense I proceeded to pull my breast out of my dress. I heard a ripping sound but I didn’t care and I started to play with one while still using my toy to please myself. After they saw this, they were very amazed by the pleasure I was getting so my husband started sucking on my breast he then proceeded to put his hand by my pussy. when he realized how wet I was he invited his friend to feel.

When they realized what was going on, I felt a finger in my pussy and one rubbing on my clit. That sent me spiraling out of control. I mourned ever louder, my body shivered ever more than ever, my pu##y got even wetter. I felt like I wanted to explode. My nipples were stiff and they were being sucked n my pussy was being played with. The feeling was so intense I couldn’t contain myself. I started to wine up on whoever fingers were in my pussy as I wanted to climax all over their hands.

I then was asked by my husband If I enjoyed the ordeal he planned for me. I told him yes and he then said that was enough for the night. MUB, I was so weak. I needed help to stand up. We said goodbye to his friends n came inside where we got naked n had the most incredible sex ever.

I came all over his d##k and my climax was so intense. I was twisted, turned, bent up in all kinds of positions while my husband put his sweet d##k inside my pu##y n pleased me till he burst his nut.

We then lay down for a minute, got up, took a shower, and fell asleep. MUB, that was a night I will never forget. It was something new n interesting.


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Kay Lee


Kay Lee

Can I get some of that action🤯🤯