Dear MUB,

I’m appealing for you to post this story. I know your FB page is for comedic and entertainment purposes but I would to bring light to the sick, twisted, and demented men that are here in Antigua.

I went to the bathroom at LOL yesterday and it was at full capacity and muddy so I decided to go outside near the bushes. While peeing I realized that a man was trying to peep at me. I quickly finished what I was doing and tried going back into the fete. Before I moved off, he shouted comments such as “Miss let me give you a backazz. Ya Pork looking good” and “You pee like one stallion”. Men were nearby and they didn’t even peep to see what was going on or to ask me if I’m okay. I started running because he was moving towards me as if he was going to try and do something to me.

While entering back into the fete through the front gate, I heard another young lady had a similar encounter. After she was finished peeing and was about to leave, a man came near to her and started shouting “Miss e fat” approximately four or five times. Even if he supposedly saw something, was that anything to comment on?

My thought process is this; why are men near the bushes trying to peep at people? A whole fete is going on and you’re outside preeing women pee????

What is arousing about a woman peeing that you have to stare and watch? Is it that they are men that do these types of things at fetes regularly? Are these the type of men we have in our society? Can you imagine how scared and vulnerable these women felt?
I could imagine what he would have done if anyone was nearby.

I am trying to get these men’s names and addresses to report them or even post them up on Facebook. Is not like our police force even takes these things seriously. It’s only when a traumatic act like rape happens is where they get involved.

MUB please share this so I can see the views of our Antiguan men. A time now awe shun, bang, and embarrass them.

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July 6, 2022 4:49 am

Real words hun madness