Dear MUB,

I am sick and tired of eating the same shit day after day, after day. I spoke to my girlfriend numerous times about this, she said ok, and the next day,

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  1. Hahaha boy you crack me up but how about sometimes when you home both of you can be in the kitchen or you can say we go cook this today you cook this I will cook this little things like that will work I don’t like cooking but I will do my best some of us never learned to do house work when growing up only sex keep cool bro you go a jail rice

  2. So leave, am having a hard time believing u stayed after 2 years when u can just leave and find a better woman. A woman is supposed to please her man in whatever way he needs her to. You can’t enter a marriage like that if u guys are planning to be married. Just leave u don’t have to hit nobody child and she can also withhold sex cause she’s not ur wife