Dear MUB,

This woman got my number from a friend who told me she likes how I carry myself. I said ok cool. I have this other chick I’ve been dealing with but she loves to cut style when she is ready so I said let me focus my attention on this one since she made the first move.

MUB, she looks good and she has a fat piece of ass on her. It’s just the way I like it. I said I wasn’t going to seem desperate although I wanted to fuck her at first sight. The Tuesday of the second week we started talking, she told me she was home alone and wanted some company. I told her to send me her directions and I’ll come. I waited for hours. I didn’t want to double-message and seem desperate. I ended up falling asleep and the next morning, she sent me a message saying she was sorry but she fell asleep.

I told her it was cool but she needed to make it up to me because she had me waiting up all night for her reply. She said ok and told me she would come over by me. I said ok cool and I sent her my directions. I thought she was going to bluff me but she came. I pulled out a bottle of wine and we drank and talked. MUB, me a wait no fuck for the makeup, but all she was doing was talking so I reach in and kissed her.

She looked surprised and asked me why I did that. I told her I know she like it because her nipples were standing up stiff no fuck. She blushed a little so I started playing with her breast. She took off her clothes and told me to suck them. MUB, me a suck the breast and finger she till she foot them start to tremble. I ease off and took out my dick ready to wheel some bud under her. This woman looked at me and asked me where I going with that. I told her inside of her.

MUB, this woman was naked as she born and she had the nerve to ask me what did she do to make me think that she wanted sex. MUB, me never fucking confused so in my life yet. I pull back up my pants and she pull it back down and starts to stroke me off. In my head, I’m like what the fuck does this woman want. Me a wait for she to suck off my dick, but all she was doing was stroking, so I hold her head and was going to shove my dick in her mouth. She pushed me back and told me none of that.

She went and lay down on the bed, opened her foot, and told me to come. So, I was positioning my dick between her legs and the woman kick me in my stomach hard no fuck and told me not my dick, my mouth. Boss I was so fucking upset that I took her clothes and throw them on her and told her to get the fuck out. I done see that she was on some fuckery. Her plan was for me to eat her fucking pussy and she knock me some shots. She mussa think I fucking stupid.