Dear MUB,

I really don’t understand why men stay the way they are. Now, I have been married for close to 7 years, and God alone knows if I only knew he would turn out the way he is, I wouldn’t have gotten married to him.

Now, in these hard guava times, this fool has

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  1. Really so sad kids are involved but some man now a day never grow up you have to thing about kid’s
    future not yours go and get the vaccine and set example for your kid’s when you gone like all of us do one day they have to survived in this world WE left them we turn selfish over the year’s me ,me,me , # let me tell you if you don’t work for yourself get vaccinated I know if you have a ticket to travel You would not ask a question grow up for you children sake so what about all them sickness out there like # breast cancer #,herpies, #Aids #, ect # , you are not going to take NO vaccine please prayers for you and family