Good night MUB,

Now I understand why some woman fucking single and no man tarl want dem. Dem na hab no kind of good ways. Me na work for  no ton of money so me just say let me take the gyal out since we talking for a while and she just a hint no fuck that she want to go out. MUB, me never fuck she or touch she. Wasn’t expecting no sex or anything after.

Now we there and me done tell she $100 me plan fu spend cuz I had to put gas in my car. Tell me why the fuck this woman go and order something that cause $80. Wa the fuck me suppose to eat. Boss me na even say nothing. Me just go tell the gyal cancel the order, and drop she rass hole home. Me na know wa the fuck do she.

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Ishna Gilpin
Ishna Gilpin
February 3, 2024 9:58 am

Best u didn’t offer to take her out cus $80 is decent restaurants price

Or maybe u should just go buy to China food walk with a blanket and allu spread it on a beach somewhere and eat dinner. Cause..,….. what!!!!