Dear MUB,

Me stupid no fuck a na now me fu lef this Jamaican woman cuz she just a broken ma fucking pocket but me na know bass. The gyal wicked but she sweet no fuck.

The gyal hab one wicked move where she does fold she tongue round ma dick and mek lose ma fucking mind. Fu say she a gi way she pussy so often the whole tight no fuck. 2 minutes and so first round does last in that hole.

MUB, a na now me a try get this gyal fu settle down.The gyal hab 4 other man pan ma head but she a tell me she lob me. Me na understand how she hab so much man and me have fu dey a spend the most money.

Every fucking thing she wa me pay for. Now me tell she ma na give another dollar until she delete all the man number out she phone. The same latest iPhone I bought her.

MUB, you know the gyal tell me she go tap deal with me cuz me a try control she. How that a fucking control? Me just wa the best for she. The other man and them just wa fuck she and that’s it but she cya see that.