Dear MUB,
I took my fastness and went to look for one of my students today because I haven’t heard from her since we started doing online learning and I realized that she never submitted any assignment. I tried calling the mother but I couldn’t get her so I made it my business to go look for the child just to make sure everything was ok.
MUB, I never shame so in my life. I’m trying to explain to her that I came to find out why the child hasn’t submitted any assignments and she was of the opinion that I’m concerned about her education but I’m not asking if the child has been eating or where she getting her next meal from.
MUB, the woman drive more bad words under me and told me things about my body that I didn’t know. I tried to tell her to stop saying those things in front of the children and she continued to give me all versions of the F word. Not even the neighbors could cool her down.
Mr. MUB, never in my life will I take my fastness and try to play good teacher again. All now I feel shame.
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February 24, 2021 10:07 pm

So sorry about you have to hear an ignorant parent speak to you like that but don’t give up on the kid as you see for yourself how to kid is suffering keep faith close by always we need it in our live more than ever

Velancia Farrell
Velancia Farrell
February 22, 2021 4:04 pm

You are a good teacher. She is just stupid, dont give up on the child