Dear MUB,
I have a friend who is pregnant that isn’t getting any sort of help from the father of the unborn baby, it isn’t like he’s not working but he refuses to feed her while she is pregnant or buys necessities for the baby, and anytime me and my boyfriend brings up the ignorance he does to her, he gets angry and tells her that we are bad company and it’s at the point where it’s very frustrating.
She’s 17 years old and he is giving her the idea that what he is doing to her is ok, and she won’t survive on her own and he tries to make himself look like some God because he drives a damn honda.
He degrades her and treats her very badly to the point where she has low self-esteem and thinks that no one loves her. I sure as hell know that is a lie.
Last week, my boyfriend and her got into an agreement because he beat her just because she was at home hungry all day and I told her to come to meet me for a $50 to buy something to eat. Mub she didn’t even pass the door when all my boyfriend heard on the phone was the ass whooping she received and when he found out someone was listening, he decided to start an argument talking about ” we will f**king k.. you” and “you know me.”
My boyfriend didn’t hold up too much arguing but he did warn him that if it was his sister he beat he would have to deal with him but the part that really hit home was when we saw her again, she was totally defending the asshole.
Some young women need to wise up because no man could have me as no punching bag or no place they wanna rest their dick when his hoes ain’t available. Your are a beautiful young lady and I’m sure if your man won’t step up to his duty another man will so stop being Afraid that the baby won’t have a good home, what God has in store for you, no man or woman can take away.
On another note he honestly needs to stop also because I find what your doing is bad you ever thought about what would happen if you hit her too hard one of these days?, You have no 17-year-old daughter so I dont expect you to be beating her as if you are her husband or birth her.
Mr. T you need to stop not only for your sake but for the baby’s, as much as she is a doo doo bird she genuinely and deeply in love with you and the next time you lay a finger on her.
I’ll personally come to your village and cut those brake lines on that nice honda you like to praise so much so try me cause you think it is hard to catch you.