Dear MUB,

It’s me again. Me nar lie, me till feel shame nf. If my mother was still alive she would have disowned me for being so foolish because she raised me better than that.

My friend who is a part of your Whatsapp chat showed me all the messages of the chat discussing my story. MUB, I have not ill feelings towards nobody. I did not write to you seeking sympathy. I accept 100% fault for what happened to me, but I want to clear somethings up.

I did not ask him for his money nor did I date him for his so-called money. I was very gullible and foolish. Dating that Ninja was a life lesson. I never depend on him for money. I work and pay my own bills before and after I met him.

I wanted to shear my story for a while now, but I was so ashamed of myself because I should have known better. MUB if there is another young woman out there who is like my foolish ass back then, and she meets this bum, I will tell her to run and run fast because he nothing but a fraud looking for naive women to prey on.