Dear MUB,

I need some help. I’m married to a great guy. We have been married for 5 years now.

He washes, cooks, cleans, and takes care of my 2 children and the 2 that we have together. He is well-mannered, and I spend his money as I please, plus, there is no issue in the bedroom because he lays it on me like no other.

Now readers may question what the problem is. It is the lack of affection and sexual attention. What I mean is, in the beginning, it was heaven as usual, but by the 2nd year, what was 15 minutes turned into 10, then five, and even sometimes two. Sometimes he wouldn’t even be able to re-raise to go a 2nd round. After foreplay and I sit that’s it, sex done.

Now, when we met I took care of everything myself, rent, bills, children, vehicle, everything so I told him above all, sex is very important. MUB, all I was requesting was a proper service.

Now we did the work to try to help his situation. We even visited Doctors and his overall solution was he is in love. Now you can imagine how upset I was to be told because I am being loved I can’t be serviced properly. After his 1st child, our son’s things picked up but the consistency faded.

Three weeks will pass with not even a touch. I’ve voiced my displeasure and he said my behavior to his situation is making him feel bad I’m bringing him down which adds to it. Feeling bad I tried to work with him by getting meds or tonic and vitamins. MUB, anything that could help.

Marriage became a card on the table after 4 years and we had a brief separation because I was scared of settling without being pleasured but after a week, I couldn’t walk away from such a great man for something so small.

We got married and had a 2nd son and the situation only got worse. The sexual attention turned into once or 2 times a month if im lucky. When I voice my displeasure nothing is done to fix it. It’s like we are married now so I don’t have to. With that, I told him I would like to leave if he’s not gonna fix it. He said divorce is not an option for him as we both agreed to find every option possible to fix things before we even got married. I agreed suggesting maybe he could find someone else, or add someone else, asking if it’s me, if the love is gone or the sexual appetite but he refuses all.

I can’t deny that he is still sexually attracted. As soon as I touch him, he’s on hard. I mention anything sexual he’s ready but he does not do anything about it. He just laughs it off and tucks it away. Now I can’t lie i have thought of getting a backup but i can’t bring myself to hurt him like that. He doesn’t deserve it but I’m in pain, literally in physical pain from the lack thereof to the point when he does interact with me, he can’t even enter. When he manages to, it lasts all but 3-5 minutes and I’m still in pain of wanting more.

I dont even give him foreplay anymore because it takes away from the extra minutes of pleasure I could be getting.

Now, I wanna please my husband the way a man should be pleased but I can’t even do that either.

What should I do?

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