Dear MUB,

Family doesn’t mean shit these days and I pray and hope my wicked sister and that ungrateful man burn the hottest in hell.

MUB, besides movies and white fucking people,  tell me where you ever hear a man leave his woman, fly to another country, to be with her sister?

MUB, they had their things planned. He always pays the bills on time and every two weeks, he goes shopping and spends aboutb$650. February the bill came and he didn’t pay them. I didn’t say anything because I know him to be responsible. Next, he bought a pack of noodles,  a case of chicken, and two big packs of rice. I found that very weird but again I didn’t say anything.

MUB, on the 3rd of April I came home after 8 pm and I didn’t see him. I didnt hear from him all day and he is usually home after 5 pm so I called him. No answer. After 10 I called again but no answer. After 2 in the morning, I still didn’t hear from him so I started worrying.

MUB, his mother hates me for whatever reason but as I said, I was worried so I called her. MUB, you know the woman cursed me stink because I woke her up. The next morning I called his friends. No one seemed to know where he was but from how they replied to me, I got the feeling they were lying.

Anyways,  long story short. Today my cousin called me from America and asked me what my man doing with my sister. She said she went to bring something for my aunt and she saw him there.

My sister and I fell out the last time she came for vacation because she was in a relationship and she was fucking one of my whoring friends. Because I called her out on it, she got in her feelings. Her man found out and she assumed I told him.

Anyways I told my cousin to go to the house and I will video call her. I told her to take the phone to him. MUB, you know my wicked sister took away the phone and tell me the man doesn’t want me because I am too boring and all kinds of fuck. She pointed the phone at him and made him tell me that he never loved me and I am trash.

MUB, you can believe my own sister, same mother and father did that to me. I don’t know what I did to this girl but to take away my man. This means they have been communicating all this time. I’m still in shock.

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