Location: Antigua

Dear MUB,

I know I can’t call the name of the church, but there is a pastor who gave me money to suck his dick. Every Sunday he pretends to be the holiest man, but he is nothing but a fake and I just have to wonder how many other young women he funds with the church money.

He’s married and I don’t want to believe that his wife is so stupid that she hasn’t realized that her husband is having sex with the church members. He preys on the vulnerable ones and he is very smart with it.

A friend invited me to a youth meeting. I’m 21 and I was very down because of something that happened in my life, so I went hoping I would feel better. Anyways, when I went to church the pastor came and greeted me and I found the way he was caressing my hand was a bit sexual, but I thought it wasn’t anything.

Eh, eh. The following week a number called me, and it was him. He said he called to check up on me to see if my week was going well. The following Sunday, he called me and asked me why he didn’t see me at church. I had to ask him if he does this to everyone who comes to his church. He said no, just the special ones.

I put up a status asking who wanted to buy me lunch, and he called and asked me what I wanted. I told him Shrimp pasta and you know he brought it for me. I said tarl, this man must be trying to fuck me. He would always call and check up on me and last Sunday he came for me to go church and invited me for lunch at his house. It was clear he wanted to show off his place.

Anyways long story short. Last week he called me when I was off and he told me he had a little job for me. I told him ok. He came for me took me to his house and offered me $800 to suck his dick. Sadly I did it and he gave me the money. I got $300 extra because I made him cum in my mouth.

He has been begging me to come back by him. He has offered me $1600 to have sex. I’ve been avoiding him because I feel nasty for what I did. I want to tell someone, but I don’t think anyone will believe me. I have no messages or anything because he always called.

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May 29, 2023 4:33 pm

Wow you don’t know tape message look how money 💵 have this world no sar pupa Jesus come down and take the wheel