Dear MUB,

3 whole Fucking days gone and the man still a fuss about the chupit fucking turkey. The same day you released the story, I bought my subscription plan so I saw it.

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  1. But sis from the unset u should have told the man that is u took the turkey and give it to ur mom and at least apologize for not seeking his consent first….u cannot blame the man to be’s all about principal…all that could have been avoided but u chose to side with ur mom and cat like it’s not his turkey and that’s ignorance in my book…some of u females lack honesty and respect and it’s not hard to see where y’all learnt from. U could have simply told ur man u gave it to ur mom to cook for Christmas dinner that all of u could
    enjoy as a family but no u chose to make the man look like a fool now u try to turn the tables on him…men got feelings to u Kno…y’all better learn to apologize for shit and stop expecting men to just forget shit…ur mom and all should apologize to.