Dear MUB,

I don’t think there is anything I can do at this point because I don’t think I remember the faces of those guys, but I would like to share what happened to me so that females can be on alert when they go out to fetes.

MUB, I got raped at Rise and the only proof I have is the pain in my vagina, and the feeling of getting violated. I believe they put something in my drink because I’ve been drunk before, and I’ve always been aware of things around me. I can remember when I was at the bar trying to get a drink, and this guy offered to get me my drink, I’m not saying it was him, but he could have been the one to put something in my drink. I should have listened to my mind and not my friend when she told me to let the guy get the drink because she was in a rush to go back in front of the stage.

After that drink, all I can remember was two or three guys having their way with me in a van. I saw their faces but I don’t remember how they look. They took me out of the event rape me and took me back. When I catch myself I was in the crowd dancing.

I don’t know what they put in my drink but something wasn’t right. I only found my friends when it was morning and I told them what happened but none of them believe me.

MUB, when I got home and took a shower my vagina felt funny and I was sore down there.  How I also know I got raped because I am allergic to slam and the same reaction I would get, the red pumps were between my legs.

Whoever did this to me, I want them to get caught and dealt with because this cannot be the first time they are doing something like that. Ladies, please be on the alert and don’t take any drinks from strangers.