Good Afternoon MUB,

Tell me which part of this make sense because I can’t understand. 2 weeks me a talk to this gyal pan phone and me tell she me wa fu see she. She tell me come check she lunch time and we can go get something to eat.

Ok cool. Tell me why the fuck this gyal walk with she male coworker. Not only that but the man just a chat no fuck. I say ok cool she maybe walk with him because she don’t know me like that and she probably don’t feel safe with me alone.

Ok cool. I drop them back and I went back to work. Tell me why the fuck I just got a message from her saying that her coworker said he like to see me. MUB, me confused no fuck. Me tell she me lub fucking man? Yo I swear.

Me a try get fu know the gyal and she a tell me bout fucking man. Ma hurt nf. Good thing me follow ma mind and mek she pay for she own food