Dear MUB,

The fact that she wrote to you means that she doesn’t see anything wrong with what she did. I see everyone is on my case about bringing her a chicken lunch instead of the oxtail that she asked for, but let me explain what happened.

I would be a madman to ask a woman what she wanted and not have enough money to buy whatever she asked for. Who does that? We started talking in late July. She had just came out of a  bad relationship so I wasn’t pushing anything because I didn’t want to be just a rebound guy.

I’ve had my eyes on her for a while so I waiting until she kinda got over the dude before we started going out. Since week Monday, whenever I went for my lunch, I would ask her what she wanted to eat and I would buy it and take it for her. For the whole of last week, I have been bringing her chicken lunch. Even yesterday, I brought her stew turkey.

Today she said she wanted to try something different so she asked for the oxtail. I went to two places, but they didn’t have any so I was trying to call her to let her know that I couldn’t get any oxtail, but she didn’t answer the phone. I only have an hour for lunch so rather than go back empty handed, and she is left hungry I did the next best thing and bought her the chicken lunch.

The reason I called her ungrateful is because of how she behaved when I told her that I couldn’t get the oxtail. She had an attitude and she didn’t want to take the food. Up to the time, I told her that I called her phone, and she didn’t answer, she didn’t want to hear that.

She was of the opinion that I should have used up my lunch trying to get her the oxtail. She said if I really wanted to get it for her I would have gone more than two places. She pissed me off so I let her know that she is fucking ungrateful.

I was waiting for her to send me a message apologizing for her behavior, but she decided to write to you. I have nothing else to say to her. Her behavior said a lot today.

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September 2, 2022 7:33 pm

Boy me gal you find out early you see outside pretty and inside dirty and empty run

Terrence Floyde
Terrence Floyde
August 31, 2022 12:10 pm

I would have done with her also

Sherissa Francis
August 31, 2022 10:26 am

I applaude u for trying. You were selfless other ppl would know is one hr and say fuck that.