Dear MUB,

Listen to this and tell me what you think. I’m in the WhatsApp group so I’ll be looking forward to the comment and I will give an update if need be.

A guy I used to go school with, we aren’t too much of friends but we talk. A few months ago, his girlfriend who i also went to school with saw me in the bank and she approached me. We talked for a bit and we exchanged numbers.

I was supposed to message her when I came home from work but I forgot. After 10 that night she sent me a message asking why I had taken her number if I knew she is not my type. I explained to her that I had intentions to message her but I got caught up and forgot.

She told me I could make it up to her by coming and keeping her company. I would have but she lives in Jennings and I live in Pares. MUB, I would have gone but I just started talking to her and I was too lazy to drive the distance so I said next time. I guess she felt offended because she never messaged me back until last week.

She said she forgave me for behaving like a jackass and she is willing to give me another chance. I found that she was forward and I had a chick line up to fuck so I didn’t reply until the chick told me she couldn’t make it again. MUB, I was in the mood to fuck so I was straight up with her. I told her I’m not on the game things if I’m coming by her is fuck I’m coming to fuck. She told me to pull up and find out.

MUB, I went there and I fucked her. The pussy was good and she’s a fucking freak so I made me fuck her in her ass. She did some tricks that I’ve never seen a woman do in my life. The fuck was so good that I brought her by me the next day. I was a little weak from the day before so we only did one round. I was too tired to take her home so she slept there and I dropped her off in the morning.

MUB, here is the drama now. I know she was with the guy I used to go to school with. I have him on WhatsApp and I haven’t seen him post her in a long while plus I gathered if she is fucking me and sleeping over and shit, then they are probably done. I never wanted to ask her about it, because I didn’t want to make things awkward.

A wa the fuck ya tarl. MUB, today I saw her put up a post saying happy birthday boo. The thing bothered the fuck out of me so I messaged him and asked him if he and her were still together. MUB, the man said yes, and how she is pregnant. MUB, you know the fucking woman 2 months pregnant and have me drilling out her belly with the man-child inside of her.

I called her fuckhole right after and she told me that she knows he is out there doing his thing so she can fuck who she wants. I asked her what the fuck that has to do with me. MUB, I felt weird as fuck. I feel like she violated me and the man and that’s some high-level disrespect.

I want to let him know what’s up because if it was me I would have wanted him to tell me, but I have mixed feelings about it. What do you think I should do?

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