Dear MUB,

My sister said I should feel bad for fooling this woman but no sorry dey. Since when a vehicle is a requirement for talking to a woman? These women think vehicles cost a dollar.

I’ve been working since 2011 and all now I can’t afford to buy a vehicle. What happened is I started talking to this woman who lives out Old Road. Everything was going smoothly until she asked me to bring some food for her. MUB, let’s be real who in their right mind going to bring a $20 plate of food all the way to Old Road? I told her to meet me by BolandsΒ  Primary School because I was going there to check on someone who owed me money.

I bought the food and caught a bus to go meet her. I don’t know why she assumed I was driving. When she asked me where I reached and I told her I was on the bus, she told me I couldn’t be serious. MUB, you know she stopped replying. I reached the school and she was nowhere to be found. She made me waste my time and money.

A couple of weeks later I post up a car saying finally here. MUB, you know she messaged me saying nice car. I was going to ignore but I said since her eyes so fucking shinny I go do for her.Β  I continue to message her and post up pictures of the car.

She asked me when was I going to check her so we could go for a drive. MUB, I gave my friend $150 to borrow his car and I went for her. We went to get something to eat and I took her up to Shirley’s height and opened up her belly. I knew she wasn’t going to talk to me when she found out the car didn’t belong to me so I wheel some hard bud under her.

After I dropped her off, she asked me if I could pick her up from work the next day. I told her ok. Soon as I drop off the car I told her thanks for the fuck and let her know the car wasn’t mine.

MUB, every day she sends me some fucked up message like that going to change the fact that I done fuck her. Let this be a lesson for all the shiny-eye women. Tap love man for what they have. No sorry dey.


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Terrence Floyde
Terrence Floyde
February 10, 2024 2:36 pm


Dario Hendrickson
Dario Hendrickson
February 26, 2024 3:10 pm

No sarry dey tarl 🀣🀣🀣🀣