Dear MUB,

I don’t even know what to say but right now, I am not comfortable with the thought of another man raising my child. I’m not in a relationship with the mother, but I think I should have a say since we both know that I am most likely the father.

I knew she had a man before we started talking, but

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  1. Good on you real man talk ## sad a baby is going be caught up into this but let me say this it sounds like you get more sex than her in the house man ## you are sure it’s yours get a DNA test done before you go get into trouble # everytime a little missed understanding in the house some body go fuck a long time are you into are you nasty ways dont blame no one foryou fuck up hurting peoples kids ## karma ## always close by a why some people don’t care about no body not even them selfish sleeves good luck both of you karma is a bitch