Here this fuckery! This gyal ask me fu buy her ticket to go Beach & Bar. Since last week me buy the ticket them check cuz she done say we go roll together and we go link after check. Me realize my gyal na message me tarl since me last talk to she last week friday so me send she a message asking whats up.

She a send one message answer so me ask she if everything safe. AWTFYT, MUB, the gyal tell me she man suppose to bring she food and all now he can’t reach. Man! Man! Me haffu ask she wa man she a talk bout because a first time she a tell me about man.

The gyal a go on like she tell me she have a man. MUB, me bex no fuck. If me min know she hab on fucking man me wudda never buy no fucking ticket for she. To make it fucking worse she a tell me he might come beach and bar so we go have to work out something and in the same fucking breath asked me if I can bring her something to eat.

She cya fucking serious!!!! Yo dem gyal tek man fu fucking fool. Me na even answer she. Block one fucking time.

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