Dear MUB,

Wa mek woman that lub beg always have some nasty attitude?

Understand that I have only been talking to this woman for about 2 weeks. MUB, in ma bed me min dey a go when she messaged me asking if I was on the road. When I told her no, she sent about 20 sad emojis. I knew is something she wanted, so I asked her what’s the problem.

She said she was hungry and she felt like eating some spicy chicken strips from KFC. MUB, in my head, I said this woman cya really want me lef from Vernons, drive go Old Parham and then clean dey Sweets just to bring her 4 chicken strips.

I told her maybe next time because I was just about to take a nap. She start up with this begging things asking if she was not worth it and if the tables were turned she would do it for me. MUB, she beg me until I said ok you know what, let me take it for her. We getting to know each other so let me be nice.

I went and got the strips and brought them for her. Me realize her face change when she opened the box. She a come ask me why I bought original when she told me spicy. Wa bex me is the fact that she said it with an attitude. I showed her the receipt so she saw that it was Original I ordered. She a tell me why I never opened the box and check before I left, and how she doesn’t want it so I can nyam um myself or carry it back.

Yo, me min just wa fu tek the chicken and slap them cross she fucking face. The woman just dey a behave ungrateful no fuck. She na even consider that me get out ma bed and come all the wey over dey to feed she hungry rass.

I told her get the fuck out my car and delete my fucking number because how she just acted reminded me of the same woman I left last year. Ungrateful no fuck. MUB, I am not about to do down that road with her. Big fucking red flag that be for me.

Look the picture of the chicken dey.

MUB, ma na lie but sometimes woman does mem man wa